The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories

The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Kids, Fairy Tales Stories, fairy tales story, stories for kids,

The Beetle and The Silken Thread Story 

The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

Story for Kids: Once upon a time, there lived a king named fans. who ruled the kingdom of era done' the king and the queen had a beautiful daughter named Myra. she was a smart princess however Myra was very rebellious and did not like listening to her parents. she loved to go out in the woods with her friends spending time with nature and playing with the animal's beautiful deer are you hungry would you like to eat some leaves hey aren't you supposed to be there for the royal dinner ah seems like. the Prince of Asturias is gonna be there, hmm, look girls I don't care about any prints.

The rules in the kingdom annoy me tooth bones. oh, okay let's go by the river come on girls now. we're talking meanwhile the king and the Queen were sitting at the royal dining table anticipating princess Mira's arrival rosy where is that daughter of yours our daughter. yes, she is embarrassing me could we expect the princess joining us anytime soon. uh, I am afraid not but she's been keeping very unwell, oh I see the royal dinner went well and the guests prepared to leave as. they were exiting the kingdom they saw princess Myra giggling and laughing as she was entering with her friend Alicia. the day was so much fun, yes we should do this again this made King vans and Queen Rosie extremely angry they said nothing and went back, to their Kingdom one evening princess Myra was playing hide-and-seek with her friends in the woods five six seven eight I'm gonna hide right behind her and start allure, huh no it's the last game for the evening.

let's make this fun I'm going to hide far away you should too nine ten ready or not here. I come Myra ran and quickly hid behind some bushes she's never going to find me here just then Myra, could hear some people murmur at the full moon night. all we have to do is sprinkle a few drops of this person around the gardens of the kingdom this, will make the royal family. so sick that even the best doctors cannot save them then we will go break the spell and when he asks us, what we want we will ask him to hand the kingdom over to us if he doesn't comply we will imprison him princess Myra, was terrified by hearing this. I have to let mother and father know before it's too late. gotcha seems like you weren't ready huh, what happened to her I think something is not right Myra ran to the kingdom to inform.

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The king and the Queen the king was very angry mother fathers. I was in the woods and I don't want to hear about your silly games anymore Myra no father God said I do not care. it is quite serious so will you listen to me no you listen to me. I am NOT going to listen to your stories even if you met some wizards well I did don't that's it, Myra, you have embarrassed me. enough get out of my sight go to your chamber Myra fine, fine you need to behave more princess like a prince of the exchanger is coming to visit us tomorrow. he is going to ask for your hand in marriage princess Myra was angry she stormed out of the courtroom. the next day the Kingdom of Arizona was decorated as the Prince of the neighboring Kingdom as Stasia. came to make allies by scheme the princess hand in marriage princess Myra dressed up unwillingly.

The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

She sat in the courtroom pleased to meet you princess Myra of Sheridan hello neighbor in France my name is Julius. yeah, yeah. I know father told me Myra showed the least interest and behaved as if she did not care about trying a few times Prince Julius. finally gave up later that day before leaving he spoke to King Vance. no, I hope you had a good time here Prince. I enjoyed to the fullest your majesty but I don't think the princess is interested in marriage. she said she won't live for long since you do not listen to her oh he is quite goofy indeed okay well I had a good time thank you for your kind reception. I will take your leave now but Julius did not stop he had already turned around to leave this made King. van's very upset and he immediately. went to see princess Myra but when he reached her room. he found that she wasn't there she is off in the woods again.

She leaves me no choice now. King van's called his guards to find princess Myra and capture her the guards were hesitant but followed. their King's order regardless of princess Myra was captured and brought to the king let me go our kingdom is in danger guards take her to. the tower but King vans turned his face away princess Myra, was taken into a tall tower and locked up she cried bitterly and then fell asleep the next day. when she woke up she ran to the window where she saw Alisha passing valet Maya what are you doing up there and oh that's fine tower your parents gifted you. I am imprisoned silly now. get me out of here the kingdoms in danger and my parents don't want to listen how do you think I can do that let me think. okay, get me a long silken thread a beetle packthread stop twine a long rope and some honey okay. don't look at me like that go get them fine you don't need to yell Alicia went to get what the princess, had demanded.

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She also informed Natasha and the two maidens reached back to the tower Alicia got the beetle the silken thread. and the honey while Natasha got the long rope packthread and the stout twine okay do as I say girls tie the silken thread to the beetle apply some honey on the beetle's horns Alicia and Natasha were quite puzzled. but did what she said as they always trusted her great now. let the beetle walk up the tower he will look for his honey and walk ahead and like she said the beetle walked ahead as he was tied with the silken, thread the beetle reached to the top of the princess window meanwhile. the girls tied the end of the silken thread to the packthread bingo princess you don't need to brief us anymore we've got this Myra proudly smiled. at her, why are friends Natasha now. tied the stout twine and at last film long rope Myra finally, pulled the rope and got possession of the long road she climbed down. the tower as the girls waited for her now.

It's time to stop the Wizards Natasha Alicia. tie the silken thread around the trees on either side of the forest path and make sure that you hide behind. the bushes also I am taking the long rope Raj of abscissa pirate ran into the woods and she saw the two wizards walking towards the kingdom. she hid behind the bushes and saw the magic potion, in their bag carefully. she tiptoed her way to watch them and silently removed. the magic potion from their bag and then hid behind the bushes again just then. the Wizards stopped to drink some water one of them looked into the bag and was astounded here's the magic potion in your bag of course you. had it I don't see it how can you be so irresponsible hey are you looking for this your start to come back here before right Kostas been on you try it the wizards looked for the staff and they couldn't find that either ah you poor souls seems like you lost your staff to this made.

The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories 2020

The Wizards very angry and they began to chase her but Myra was quick and ran towards the trap she jumped across. the silken thread as the Wizards chased her they did not notice the thread and tripped over and fell Natasha and Alicia quickly. caught hold of both of them and Myra tied them up with the rope ah serves you right hearing these noises the king and the Queen came out to see. the king saw two wizards tied up the girls and Myra what is going on here these treacherous wizards, were planning to cast a spell and kill all of us to take over the kingdom. I had to stop them before it was too late but why didn't you tell me about this earlier you. did not let me speak father this made King vans very embarrassed I have nothing to say but apologize to you Myra no father I do not want an apology you did the right thing from your side now.

Let's teach these wizards a lesson, yes, guards take them to the dungeons the guards came took the wizards away oh well. hey, fatty skin fans you'll pay for it not on your life Myra and the girls made faces at the Wizards girls. I think you should stay in the kingdom tonight and eat dinner with us the queen is right. we would also like to reward you do gratitude. Oh, Your Majesty! I think dinner sounds great yes King vans green rosy princess Myra and the girls sat for dinner the girls feasted, and enjoyed their food suddenly the King remembered. something wait a minute weren't you locked up in the tower how did you come down, oh oh, yeah, the eagle I hopped onto a huge eagle it was almost the size of a Griffin it was fun well the next time we imprison you we need to definitely have the gods standing up there shooing Eagles away.

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Buddy Buz: The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories
The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories
The Beetle and the Silken Thread Story for Kids | Bedtime Stories for Kids, Fairy Tales Stories, fairy tales story, stories for kids,
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