The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for Kids | Fairy Tales

The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for kids | Fairy Tales story, story for kids, Bedtime Stories,

The Three Musicians 

Story for Kids: Once upon a time, there were three musicians, they had learned from the same master. and when the master said that they had learned. all that he could teach the three friends decided to go out into the world and try their luck we shall stick together. we studied together so we play together, yes brother that is what we shall do who knows what the world holds for us the three musicians travel different countries and made a handsome living for themselves presently they came to a village.

The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for kids | Fairy Tales

Where they played marvelously at the village, fair then they sat around with the villagers talking and chatting sharing the stories of their travels the villagers too shared with them a strange story not far from here in the woods there is a castle they say that it is enchanted. the doors are open for anyone to enter and the table is laden with the choicest food for anyone to eat there is also a room full of the greatest treasures for ready. what to take but they say evil spirits live in the castle and anyone who enters. it comes out more dead than alive have any of you gone to the castle yourself well or is not we would never risk anything.

So dangerous that night when the three musicians. were alone in their room they could discuss nothing else. but the enchanted castle I want to see the place just imagine if everything they said was true the choicest food. the greatest treasure it will be a pity to come so far and not try our luck life has been kind to us so far maybe it will be kind, to us in the castle too so but we'll go first I vote that the youngest of us go is first and so forth. that is a good idea so first he then I and then you each stay in the castle for one whole day and one entire night agreed so the next morning. the trumpeter wished goodbye to his friends and set out with a tune in his heart he reached the castle by noon it was massive and beautiful as soon as he touched the gates.

They opened and so did the doors of the halls the trumpeter explored. the gorgeous rooms and huge halls till he came to the kitchen. it appeared as though invisible men and women were doing the chopping baking cooking as the aroma of delicious soup vegetables and desserts filled. the trumpeter with a longing to try the food an invisible handled him to a huge dining hall where. the table was already laden with all the food he had seen in the kitchen. the trumpeters sat down to eat but as soon as he was about to take a bite a little man with a beard long enough to reach his shoes entered.

The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for kids | Fairy Tales

The hall and sat beside him hello sir after you the two of them sat eating silently suddenly. the dwarf dropped his spoon the trumpeter bowed down together. when the dwarf pounced on his master clobbered him and threw out of the gates of the castle how dare you? come here to steal my treasure with a black and blue face the poor trumpeter went back to his comrades what happened to you do not go to the castle.

It is all that night so what is to be done about it. I want to go and see for myself what is happening in the castle. I will go so the next day the drummer set off to the castle the gates opened for him so he too explored. the massive rooms and halls went into the kitchen and were led to the dining room and just as he was about to eat. the dwarf came like he had done with the trumpeter. the dwarf dropped his spoon the drummer bent down to get it the dwarf pounced on him and threw him out of the gates the drummer went back to his comrades. the place is evil don't go there mate it was the dwarf again right yes, exactly.

As you had said in that case, I will go even after what happened. to us do not worry I shall not let the dwarf get the better of me. so the next morning the fiddler set off for the castle, he saw the exact same things in the palace and sat down to eat the dwarf appeared, and as usual, he dropped his spoon so that he may pounce on the fiddler when he bent to retrieve it but was ready for him just as the dwarf pounced the fiddler moved away and grabbed. the dwarf in the scuffle the medallion around the dwarf's neck came into the Fiddler's hand the moment.

Story for kids

The medallion came into his hand he started feeling really powerful. while the dwarf became very weak give me back my medallion, no not till you tell me what the palace is all about Oh, if you give my medallion back to me. I shall teach you about all my magic powers, and I have plenty of them then first teach me about them, and then I shall give you your medallion back do. I so the dwarf took the musician to a strange basement with a passage so long.

That it seemed never-ending then suddenly. the dark passage opened out into a valley, like none other than the fiddler had ever seen. it was clear that this place did not belong to our world the dwarf led the fiddler to a river. the river gushed with such vigor that it was impossible to swim through. it but the dwarf tapped his wand in the water and suddenly. the water party revealing a pathway which the duo walked on and reached the other side. what lay beyond was a castle even more magnificent than the one they had come from the dwarf led them in every chamber of the castle, was laden with the greatest treasures.

One could have ever seen in the world and then they came to a magnificent room. with a humungous bed studded with gold and precious stones in which lay the most beautiful maiden. there ever could have been who is she is the princess of the palace she has been asleep for 200 years because of a spell it was thought that the spell would make, the princess sleep and all the servants of the palace disappear so that the man who cast the spell could steal.

The precious treasures here but the castle. was already enchanted such that when the princess sleeps all her treasures remain stuck. we're seeing the dwarfs frustration at the treasures being stuck where they are the Fiddler's realized that. it was the dwarf who had cast the spell on the princess so he decided to help her how can the spell be broken what now we both know who cast the spell on the princess right if you want your medallion back tell me how to break? the spell there is a box under the princess pillow. it contains the princess's wakefulness take the box take it close to the princess's eyes touch. the medallion to it will open and wakefulness will flow into her very well where am I in your Palace, your highness! you have been asleep for 200 years ah-has it been that long you wanted my treasures and he shall have none leave.

This land forever medallion, I will give it to you when we reach the other side of the river, till then just to make sure you do not play a trick I must have your wand too. the dwarf had no choice but to comply he gave his wand to the Fiddler's all three of them walked to the river the Fiddler's touched the wand on it and the waters parted. the dwarf walked on the passageway and reached the other side but the fiddler and the princess did not follow when the dwarf had reached the other side the Fiddler's tapped the water again and the river gushed as before my medallion give me my medallion take it but the wand I keep so that you can never return thus but clever fiddler drove.

The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for kids | Fairy Tales

The dwarf away and then turned, to the princess your highness I too must take leave of you now do stay for a few days you saved my life My Kingdom. and brought us back from an eternal slumber into the beauty, of life do allow me. the honor of showing you my kingdom, and our hospitality please, I request you yours is indeed a beautiful surreal land I would love to stay awhile.

So the fiddler stayed in the princess's kingdom eventually. they fell in love and lived happily ever after as for the Fiddler's comrades the Fiddler's visited them again and brought them back with him together they played music and regaled. the people of the land the other villagers wondered where the musicians went and when they did not return. they all said of the fiddler who had disappeared. first oh he's gone to play the flute yes he's gone to play the flute this became a problem and to this day it is said of anyone who set out to perform a task from which he never returned.

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Buddy Buz: The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for Kids | Fairy Tales
The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for Kids | Fairy Tales
The Three Musicians and Magical Castle Story for kids | Fairy Tales story, story for kids, Bedtime Stories,
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